God inspires us in many ways.

Enjoy this poetry shared by our friends.

Beit David

Israel, God Hears You

by B. L. Noah

Israel stands alone, but God hears when you cry
You stand alone, in this world that hates you, while the missle fly by
Your enemies prosper at other nations' hands
These nations that scream you are a terrorist, and must give up your lands
The West Bank, Hamas, and Iran, just to name a few, they all rally around the destruction of you
Others all around the world have joined in their song: Come, the Arabs have money and oil so they cannot be wrong
They have spread their influence and poisonous aims all around the world
They think that all over Israel and other lands also their flag will unfurl
God hears you, Israel. God hears when you cry
As in days of old, our Lord will not be denied
You will be strengthened and tested against your enemies' swords
God will shield you even as in Egypt, when through Moses, He lead you forth
Let all those who have hated you now learn to beware
God did in anger scatter you to the corners of the earth, but now he gathers with care
The curse of confusion and fear that was once sent to you will now be sent on your antagonists to prove
God hears you, Oh Israel. God hears when you cry
In the Bible it is written of how in the end days you would be tried
They would hate you and chase you, for your destruction they would strive
God would save you. Your obedience He will not be denied
O, how stiff-necked and stubborn you were in the past. You will now be chastened and
Follow at last
God still loves you, Israel. God hears when you cry
Let those who curse you know that back on them their curses will fly
Let those who bless you know peace and rest, for those who support Israel, God also will bless
Look! World around, and finally see. Read the news, watch your TV
Be not foolish nations filled with envy, but rather rejoice with her people the future to see
When Messiah, Our Lord, does come at last and leads her from the wilderness; his bride's hand to grasp
God still loves you, Israel. God hears when you cry
So come let us stand with her, and with God we will abide

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